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Reverse Candy Corn Velvet Large Schoolgirl

Reverse Candy Corn Velvet Large Schoolgirl

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Nothing wrong with these bows, just opposite coloring from the first round and I want everyone to know exactly what they're getting.

Made with hand dyed (by me!) silk velvet! 

Approximate measurements.

Large Schoolgirl 5" by 3"

Large Chubby Schoolgirl 4.5" by 3"

Midi Schoolgirl 4" by 2.5"

Midi Chubby Schoolgirl 4" by 2.5"

Mini Schoolgirl 3" by 2"

Small Chubby Schoolgirl 3" by 2.5"

Knot Bows 2.5" by 1"

Songbird 4" by 5.5"

Fabric placement may vary. All colors displayed are as accurate as possible, but may vary from screen to screen.