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Gingerbread Miniature Play Dough Kit // Dunken's dough

Gingerbread Miniature Play Dough Kit // Dunken's dough

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Gingerbread person kit. These are perfect for stocking stuffers and friend gifts! Comes in a clear plastic container with a screw top lid perfect for storing the dough and accessories.

No to kits are exactly alike. Contains one larger ginger bread man or woman cookie cutter, one smaller cookie cutter, candies, buttons, candy canes, pipe cleaners, two extra tiny cookie cutters, and pom poms for making your own gingerbread people.

Contains approximately 6oz of homemade gingerbread scented dough. Made with real spices including clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Contains wheat.

For longer lasting dough wrap the dough ball in air tight wrap and refrigerate.

Made by 7 year old Dunken!